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Video: Lady Slams Government For Creating Corona Virus To Control Populace And Seek Attention

Social media is kind of a funny place where you see funny statements all day from different caliber of people, in this video a lady took to her social media platform to...

Tragedy Of An Abnormal Society: Widowed Mother Of Three (3) Narrates Her Ordeal While Trying To Escape An Attack On Her Community

A Facebook user has shared a very shocking story of a 45years old woman who was attacked in Kaduna-South by Marauding Gunmen It is so painful when you wake up one faithful day...

Child Marriage

Child marriage is simply referred to as the marriage of a person (boy/girl) before they have attained to maturity, it will be preferable, if it's vehemently resisted as it violate fundamental human...

Security Situation In Nigeria, What Can Be Done

The insecurity in Nigeria is increasing day by day. What seems to be the cause and what solutions can be proffered. According to the expert insider survey of 2019 by inter-nations, Nigeria is...

Trailer Narrowly Missed Derailment Into River Benue

By Suleiman Musa A fatal mishap was narrowly avoided this afternoon as a trailer driving against traffic on the popular Jimeta bridge hit the bridge railings and almost fell off. Eyewitnesses and first-responders reported...
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