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Video; Man Caught With Ten (10) Years Old Girl In Borno State

A man by name Usman who claimed to be a mechanic was caught with an under age girl (10 years) around 5:00 pm near the IDP camp in Borno State. Alkali Gana Wakkil...

Video: Lady Slams Government For Creating Corona Virus To Control Populace And Seek Attention

Social media is kind of a funny place where you see funny statements all day from different caliber of people, in this video a lady took to her social media platform to...

Tragedy Of An Abnormal Society: Widowed Mother Of Three (3) Narrates Her Ordeal While Trying To Escape An Attack On Her Community

A Facebook user has shared a very shocking story of a 45years old woman who was attacked in Kaduna-South by Marauding Gunmen It is so painful when you wake up one faithful day...
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