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Job Description

6* Luxury Oceangoing cruise liner is seeking an experienced Executive Chef, must have a minimum of 8 years’ experience in post within a 5* Luxury hospitality/restaurant environment with advanced culinary skills. Previous shipboard experience desirable but not essential for this roleThe role

  • The Executive Chef ensures the efficient operations of all food production areas, by consistently
  • analyzing the food production quality & cost, keeping within budget & monitoring time management.
  • Implement and maintain all service standards as determined by the Corporate Office, providing your team with ongoing training and support.
  • Ensuring safe, quality food production, and to create a friendly, guest-oriented service culture to ensure Guest satisfaction and repeat business.


  • Hold excellent cooking skills, with the flair and creativity to enhance buffet presentations; constantly strive to upgrade the food quality and presentation, host Kitchen Table events and cooking demonstrations; make use of culinary check lists on a frequent basis.
  • Work within set food-cost budgets and follow the portion control chart accordingly and adjust food requisitions to avoid any overproduction; share the overall responsibility of all food orders & consumption with the Inventory Manager in terms of Guest count, itinerary, availability & usage.
  • Maintain direct communication with the Inventory Manager for provision related matters – slow and non-moving item lists, inventory, standard products, maintaining par levels, first in first out (FIFO); be present during loading for quality assurance, and report discrepancies to the Inventory Manager.
  • Ensure the maintenance and upkeep of all Galley equipment by overseeing the Annual Galley Equipment
  • Budget Projection and documenting & reporting any damages/malfunctions to all relevant parties; and ordering, receiving, issuing & maintaining par levels, for the equipment store.
  • Ensure that all menus, recipes, methods and specifications are adhered to, and spot-check all venues serving food daily to ensure that all food outlets & displays are in line with the quality & cleanliness of Company standards and all Public Health Policies.
  • Visit various food preparation stations & conduct random tastings to correct any discrepancies (quality/taste/appearance) immediately.
  • Lead and support a multi-cultural team, maximizing crew satisfaction, productivity, and retention; meet with Team Leaders daily.

The Reward
Extremely Competitive Salary and Benefits Package, attractive rotation, the opportunity to fully utilize your creativity in a unique luxury market.


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