I’ve Rejected Several Suitors, But My Marriage Must Work In Jesus Name – Temidayo Babatunde

For fast-rising Nigerian actress, Temidayo Babatunde, she had on several occasions rejected men who seek her hand in marriage.

According to what the filmmaker told Saturday Sun in an interview, “I have rejected suitors, uncountable times sef.

With God by my side, when the time comes, I will know the right man and make the right choice. The reasons I reject men are still personal to me. I know celebrities’ marriages are crashing on daily basis.

But that doesn’t make me scared of marriage. My marriage will work by God’s grace. Meanwhile, let me correct the impressions; marital crisis happens everywhere not only in celebrities’ homes, but ours are always everywhere because we are public figures,” she said.

Speaking further, Babatunde who said she loves to love says she wouldn’t mind taking back a lover who cheated on her.

She gave her condition thus, “For me, love comes first before the money. Although I like money, love should be the foundation of everything.

I love to love. But despite how much you love a man, he would cheat on you. Men cheat more than women here in Nigeria, I can’t talk about other countries, oh  That doesn’t mean, I can’t forgive my man if he cheats. I will give it a second thought, depending on the level of cheating.”

On liposuction, the light-skinned diva opined that she is not against going under the knife to accentuate one’s beauty, however, whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.”Anyone that wants to use surgery to boost her beauty can go ahead.

If that is what is going to make you feel comfortable with yourself or give you self confidence, why not? No big deal! It’s your body, your money and your life but whatever that is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Read between the lines. If you know you know,” she said.

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