Man Shows Horrific Injuries Inflicted On Him With Hot Pressing Iron (Photo)

A man has recounted the horrific abuse he was subjected to as he detailed his “kito” experience.

He revealed that he was burnt with a hot iron by his attackers because they couldn’t extort him.

They then tortured him, filmed it, and sent the video to his parents to make them pay for his release.

He said his parents ended up paying N450K for his release after the men kept him for two days.

He revealed that he was helpless at the time and prayed for a second chance at life.

His story led others to share their kito experience.

A kito is a person who pretends they belong to the LGBTQ community on social media and dating apps.

After building an online rapport with someone, they plan a date. However, this is just a ruse to extort or physically harm their date.

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