My Husband Removed My Eye Because He Didn’t Want Another Man To Have Me

Maureen Atieno Omolo is a woman who has had terrible life experiences. She was forced to marry at a very young age and she almost lost her life to a jealous husband. In an interview with Afrimax English, Maureen shared how it all happened.

Maureen who is the first born out of four children became an orphan when she was just nine years old and there was no one to take good care of her and her siblings. When she turned 15, she got married so that she could have someone who would help her take care of her siblings.

After she got married, her husband became obsessed with her and guarded her jealously.

He forbade her from talking to other men and would always lock her up in the house whenever he goes to work.

Maureen who felt like a prisoner in her husband’s house questioned his attitude and he told her that he was scared of losing her to another man.

He also told her that instead of seeing her with another man, he would rather kill her but she didn’t think he meant what he said

After giving birth to four children (one later died) Maureen told her husband that she wanted to work so that she would earn money to support the family and to her surprise, he agreed.

She later got a job as a house-help in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenyan and before she traveled, her husband threatened to kill her if she ever cheats on him.

Maureen spent several months working in Nairobi, and when she later decided to return home to visit her family, she met a shocker.

Upon her return, she discovered that her husband had married another woman and this made her deeply sad.

She then traveled back to Nairobi and promised to leave her husband, however, she was forced to return and live with him after he threatened to kill their children if she didn’t come back to him.

Subsequently, Maureen informed her husband that she wanted to travel to Nairobi to collect some money but he thought that it was just an excuse to leave him for another man so he decided to end her life.

He asked her to prepare food for him before embarking on her journey and while she was cooking, his second wife brought a cutlass for him and he used it to cut her until she passed out.

Thinking that she was dead, her husband drank poison to end his own life but he didn’t die. He later reported himself to the police and told them to lock him up because he didn’t want to live without Maureen.

Meanwhile, Maureen was rushed to the hospital and she survived, however, she lost an eye and several fingers in the attack by her husband. Today she lives with her children and does petty trade to provide for them.

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