Single People Share Most Ridiculous Demands They’ve Seen On Dating Apps

Single people have shared some of the offensive demands and request they’ve come across on dating apps while looking for potential partners.

According to a collection by Bored Panda, different people have different lists of requests or attributes they expect from an interesting partner – some of which would make you wonder.

A particular man who shared his list of requirements in a potential partner, said ‘single mothers’ and ‘feminists’ should not apply.

Another went so far as to give women a scorecard to grade themselves against when considering whether they would be a suitable match, with points taken away for ‘having single friends’ and ‘not being able to cook’

American man included a list of undesirable traits, including being widowed or being a ‘single mother’

One woman, who describes herself as the ‘biggest princess’, says she needs who would buy her Versace

Another person said his deal breaker was someone taking medication for mental health conditions, and being over 30 years old while another person said he wanted someone like ‘Melania Trump’ who would do all the cooking’.

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