Yvonne Nelson Reveal Reasons Life Is Difficult For Us

Popular Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Yvonne Nelson has called out politicians as she reveals why life is difficult for citizens.

Addressing Ghanaians over the challenges they are facing, the movie star stated that politicians are the reason lives of citizens are hard and not Satan.

“You think satan is on earth making your life difficult. It is politicians I can assure you’.

It could be recall that earlier, the actress stated why it is better to have a child with someone you don’t have deep feelings for.

The single mum of one opined that it is more appropriate and safer to have a child with someone you are not emotionally attached to or in love with.

She further explained that in cases where the couple is not in love with each other but has a child together, their actions and infidelity will not affect each other because it is going to be like a friendship between them even though they have a child together.

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